One Way I Find Maude

How I Track Down Maude Pix

How I Track Down Maude Pix

This is one way I track down photos of Maude. I have an Rss feed from ebay to my Yahoo home page that updates whenever a new photo of Maude show up on the auction site. I can instantly see if I already have it, or go to the page itself. Kewl, huh?

I also visit the Maude Fealy Postcard Gallery frequently to see if Andy has added anything.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Maude and Margaret FealyHere is a photo of Maude, and her mother, Margaret Fealy. The two were very close, and with the exception of Maude’s married days, lived together until Margaret died in 1955.  This photo is from Andy’s Maude Fealy Postcard Site. (I love him)! Wasn’t she the most gorgeous little girl??? Look at that lovely thick hair.  Wow! As someone who has hair I can pull into a pony tail the size of a dime, I am impressed!!!

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Now Maude is Pink

Pink Maude

This is another nice example of hand coloring. I didn’t do this one!! Real vintage color!

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Maude in Yellow

Maude in Yellow

This is such a pretty hand-colored photo of Maude,  I couldn’t resist it!! I am such a sucker for her purdy face!

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Merry Christmas from Maude


We always need Peace on Earth!

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New Picture of Maude


I’ve not seen this photo before. Nice, isn’t it??

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Maude Gets Married in 1909




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