Merry Christmas from Maude


We always need Peace on Earth!

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New Picture of Maude


I’ve not seen this photo before. Nice, isn’t it??

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The Woman Pays (1914) Synopsis

Maude Fealy both wrote and starred in this Madame X-inspired melodrama about a woman, Margaret, who takes up with a reckless youth, Jack Dacres (James Cruze), solely due to the neglect of her husband, James Watson (Gardner Crane). Caught in a compromising situation, Margaret is ordered out of the house. Desperate and alone, she has no other choice than to seek refuge with the man who had caused her ruin in the first place. Twenty years pass and Margaret and Jack are running a gambling house in New York. The district attorney raids the joint and Margaret recognizes the young prosecutor as her own son, Tom (William Schappe). Jack is killed in the ensuing struggle and Margaret faces time in prison for her involvement in the gambling house. She is saved in the nick of time by James Watson, now acting in defense of the woman he once abandoned. Most critics applauded Miss Fealy’s acting but found her play rather somber and not a little melodramatic. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, All Movie Guide


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OMG, Scandal!!


Heh, one of those quick, but bad decisions. I did that once. I lasted four months, so she outranks me in the getaway speed department! GO, Maude!

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Maude Gets Married in 1909




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Maude Christmas Card


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Pretty Decorated Postcard

I love all the decorative efforts on the Maude Fealy postcards, and many others, as well.  Maybe this heightened the value of the cards? Would people buy the same pose,  presented in different way? I’m always pretty excited when I run across a new one.  Look at those eyes. I don’t know if her eyes are really blue, but I think so.


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Maude in Hats, Hats and more Hats!!!!

tnmf163.jpg tnmf160.jpg 48051a.jpg

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Maude Fealy Bookmarks

dbee_1.jpg     23.jpg    48764a.jpg   cf9a_1.jpg

Not only did Maude grace many a postcard, she was popular on bookmarks, too!

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Maude with Blond Hair?


Hand colored photo/postcard of Maude with lighter hair. She looks depressed.

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