This is my first view of Maude



Maude Fealy

This is the first picture I ever saw of Maude Fealy in 2002. It was part of a six picture collage for sale online. I was stuck by her incredible, regal beauty, almost dumbfounded. Wow, who was she? I had no idea, but I did start to see unidentified photos of her in more photo collections and even a rubber stamp set! Finally, I found a picture of her named Maude. My first thought was Maud Adams, since I had heard of her, but didn’t remember what she looked like. I did a search for Maude, actress. (Apparently, Maude was a popular name in the 1880s, as I found several) But, at last, a name…Maude Fealy. Yippee!! Since then, I have collected hundreds of photos at different ages, in various poses and roles.

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Maude postcards

Maude’s Name Postcard

This is an example of the many postcards made of Maude in the early part of the century. Andy has an amazing site dedicated to Maude’s post cards. I go there often to check his updates!

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