Plot Synopsis of Runaway Princess

Runaway Princess

  • Release Year: 1915


Maude Fealy starred in this three-reel presentation from the pioneering Thanhouser company of New Rochelle, NY. Despite the fact that she finds him repugnant, the King of Rurilia (Arthur Bauer) orders his niece, Princess Priscilla (Fealy), to marry Prince Wilhelm of nearby Ogram (David H. Thompson). When Priscilla demurs, the king has her imprisoned but she manages to escape to America and obtain the position of maid to a socially prominent woman (Lila Chester). The latter, however, takes umbrage when her brother (Harry Benham) falls in love with what they both believe to be a lowly maid, but Priscilla has the last laugh at a lavish party when she appears in all her royal splendor to accept the young man’s marriage proposal. Several critics of the day remarked on the resemblance of Runaway Princess to the then-popular stage play Such a Little Queen and found the settings rather scanty. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, All Movie Guide

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