Maude Fealy, Thanhouser Career Synopsis and Bio, Part One

Thanhouser Career Synopsis: A well-known stage actress,
Maude Fealy appeared in Thanhouser films intermittently in 1911 and 1912 and with fewer
interruptions in 1913 and 1914. She received extensive publicity during her 1913-1914
tenure and was featured in advertising more than any other Thanhouser player. Month after
month, advertisements featuring such multiple-reel films as Moths were run in Reel
Life, The New York Dramatic Mirror,
and elsewhere.
Biographical Notes: Maude Fealy was born Maude Hawk
in Memphis, Tennessee on March 3, 1881 (one account says March 4, 1883), the daughter of
Margaret Fealy (1866-1955), a stage and film actress who conducted an acting school at the
time, and who later was in charge of the Tabor School of Acting in Denver, Colorado. At
one time, Maude’s mother was married to orchestra leader Rafaello Cavallo, who became Miss
Fealy’s stepfather.

Stage Appearances:
At the age of three Maude made her first
appearance on the stage, taking the part of an angel in an adaptation of Faust and
in which her mother played Marguerite. When she was five years old, she
took the part of little Willie in the great melodrama, East Lynne, and was also
seen in the role of Meenie in Rip Van Winkle.

In 1906 she signed a five-year contract with John Cort,
under whom her first appearance was in The Illusion of Beatrice, a comedy by Martha
Morton. In 1907 Maude Fealy began the season in the role of Ernestine in The Truth
another play by Martha Morton, and ended it co-starring with William Collier
in On the Quiet. By this time she was well known as an actress and was featured on
magazine covers and other publicity. In 1907 and 1908 she was seen the leading role in The
Stronger Sex,
a play by John Valentine, which toured Western America and Canada.
Another play, The Right Princess, staged by Maude Fealy and her husband, drew many
enthusiastic reviews during the 1911-1912 season

Ed. Note

This is a beautiful photo of Maude and in one of her typical face forward poses. As lovely as he is, she did not have the most desirable profile

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